First of all, who am I?

And what am I doing?

   I’m a fashion stylist, student, and freelance writer in New York City. My bucket list includes seeing the Northern Lights, doing stand-up comedy, traveling to Scotland, and running a fashion blog. Only one of those I can do right now from my bed. Follow your dreams, kids, as long as it doesn’t entail even minor discomfort!

     My whole life, since bedazzled diapers, I have been enamored by fashion and the freedom it provided my creative imagination. Not nearly nimbly-fingered or creatively-inclined enough for fashion design, I used to instead dream of being a fashion journalist, until I quickly discovered that I hate being told what to write about. But then I realized fashion bloggers can write about whatever they want. So here I am, writing about whatever I want. Mostly about cultivating a personal style being the key to sustainable fashion. J’adore the world of fashion but the industry often makes me feel like constant trend upkeep and overconsumption is the only way to indulge in my passions. I think we can do better than that.

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