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As a not-so-casual fashion-enjoyer, my consumption of fashion media is borderline constant. Scrolling my Instagram feed could easily be misconstrued as a hefty Vogue September issue, chock-full of designers and brands showcasing their varying creations. If you’re unlike me and more likely to come across your second cousin’s newborn baby’s face than Bella Hadid’s during your daily doom-scroll, and you yearn for a semi-regular reminder of your unsuitable bank balance, I have a few Instagram fashion blogs that might pique your interest.

Covering fashion culture and recent collections, @highendhomo share their occasionally controversial yet consistently honest (and, personally, accurate) opinions on happenings in the industry. From publically shaming Balenciaga before it was cool, to reminding the general public that McQueen did the theatrics best, and in between, highlighting smaller designers that may not yet be on your radar, @highendhomo tells it like it is and doesn’t give a shit what you think about it.

Decidedly less opinionated and more focused on collections dating back decades, while yielding an undeniably clever username, @banannasui (a spin on the name of creative genius, Anna Sui) highlights iconique moments in fashion history, and dips into current events every so often. As the fashion cycle spins faster every year, spraying everyone in early 2000s garb (just after I finally donated my capris), fashion history is becoming ever more relevant. To be with the times (and understand why all the kids look like you did in middle school but way cooler), one must understand the origins, and @banannasui has got your Baby Got Back.

Finally, and most notably, @watchingnewyork is keeping a close (perhaps slightly creepy) eye on New York City’s most fashionable pedestrians. Yours truly has been photographed by the man, the myth, the legend, himself, Johnny Cirillo, though I didn’t make the cut – but I won’t take it personally. New York City’s Friendly Neighborhood Paparazzi has got The Eye, frequently snapping the street’s hottest lewks, shining the spotlight on real people in real clothes. Cirillo doesn’t pedestal trends and brand names, instead seeing the beauty in personal style and self-expression. So, if you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea who @watchingnewyork is, and you too would like to stalk stylish New Yorkers, go galavanting in his range.

Okay, fine. One more. But only because it’s Bingo Night! As a believer in the liberation of personal style, who knows better than someone who has had 80 years to figure it out? Ari Seth Cohen, better known as @advancedstyle, gives the elderly the fashion appreciation they deserve. When I initially moved to NYC, fresh-faced and naive, I was greatly anticipating the street style, breaking my neck at every Dior saddle bag or pair of Margiela Tabis. But I quickly recognized who really slayed the streets: senior citizens. The G(old)en Girls. You reach an age where you just can’t bother with what people think of you anymore, and the result is a beautiful, contagious freedom; similar yet opposite to the point made in my first blog post: being young enough to exist pre-expectations. There seems a sweet spot of self-doubt between rugrat and grizzled. So I guess the secret to style is either channeling your inner 8 or 80-year-old. Either way, @advancedstyle and his interviewees get it.

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